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What i think of football and World Cup 2014 in Brazil

It is said that women are not good at football … Well it was said! Because there is evidence that we are not only good but also have the same passion as men with this subject … female make up small teams flooding the synthetic football fields across the country.

It is the World Cup now, and the world vibrates with it, worldwide breathes football and even those who are not usually passionate about football talk about it. Men and women vibe with their countries and unite nations around for the much anticipated illusion of the World Cup.

Personally I have always been passionate about soccer and occasionally practice it, that energizes me, makes me happy. Now with the beginning of the World Cup i support my Team- Colombia- and of course i’m watching how teams promote in the championship, advance to the next round, their table position … I hope you too are infected with this World Cup fever, it is an every 4 year event that unites everyone regardless of religion, sex, politics, ideology etc, this is the magic of soccer: Union, Faith, Party, Passion. Definitely many ingredients! And even those who do not really like soccer cannot deny that this is a topic that is always a good starting point for a conversation with a Lady from AmoLatina, as you can tell about your attitude to The World Cup and if you are passionate or not, find out whether she is watching the championship and what team does she support !

Finally. Topics are what you get. Cheer up! Maybe there’s a Lady waiting to chat with you and you will find your soul mate!